AngelList Launches Intros for Canada

AngelList has launched Intros for Canada to give more Canadian startups access to seed-stage funding through the network.

Intros will work like the first AngelList product launched in 2010, where companies could apply to be introduced to a curated list of angels.

Canadian startups like Drop Loyalty and InkBox have already raised over $2 million since the Canadian launch of AngelList Syndicates in late 2016.

Quarterbacked by TechTO’s Alex Norman, Intros for Canada will make it even easier for Canadian founders to meet great angels and raise funds for their company.

Among the participating angels are Canadians Dan Debow, Ryan Holmes, Tom Williams and Eva Lau. These angels have experience scaling companies and helping their portfolio companies raise their next round, close key hires and win business deals.

Debow was the Canadian Startup Awards 2014 Angel of the Year after co-founding Workbrain (acquired by Infor) and Rypple (acquired by Salesforce).

Debow has 30-plus investments, including WealthSimple, GoInstant and Thalmic Labs—and added: “Great companies are being founded across the country; I see this as an opportunity to find more great founders and help grow the Canadian tech ecosystem.”

Interested companies are encouraged to submit an application by August 30. Applications will be reviewed within 10 days and selected companies are invited to a video interview with AngelList. If they pass the interview, then they are introduced to participating angels.