Apple Acquires Task Automation Tool Workflow, an App with Potential to Boost Siri

Apple has acquired Workflow, a productivity tool, for an undisclosed sum.

According to TechCrunch, the startup’s small team will join Apple’s army, and the company’s will continue to be available on the App Store for now. In fact, Workflow, previously a paid app, will become free.

“We are thrilled to be joining Apple,” founder Ari Weinstein in a statement to TC. “We’ve worked closely with Apple from the very beginning, from kickstarting our company as students attending WWDC to developing and launching Workflow and seeing its amazing success on the App Store.”

“The Workflow app was selected for an Apple Design Award in 2015 because of its outstanding use of iOS accessibility features, in particular an outstanding implementation for VoiceOver with clearly labeled items, thoughtful hints, and drag/drop announcements, making the app usable and quickly accessible to those who are blind or low-vision,” Apple said in a statement to TC, confirming the transaction.

Workflow enables automation by connecting other apps and functions through an extensive ecosystem of integrations. The potential for Workflow’s technology to bolster Siri’s usefulness is high.

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