Apple, Android Take Over the Enterprise; BlackBerry a Rare Sight in Today’s Businesses

Earlier today we reported on new data from Infinite Research that tablet adoption in the enterprise is picking up. And while we learned that the financial and legal sectors are currently driving adoption, and the education and government sectors will drive further adoption through 2016, we didn’t get a breakdown of which specific devices are cropping up in the enterprise space.

Now, Good Technology has provided some fresh analyses of this, and it also adds smartphones to the mix. Its latest report reveals that the iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, and iPad 2 are the hottest three devices being activated in the enterprise right now.

Both Apple and Android smartphones are rapidly devouring BlackBerry’s business market share; Android now counts for 35% of enterprise smartphone activations, second to the iPhone and well ahead of RIM’s business-class handsets.

But while Android may be performing well on the smartphone front, its tablets are another story—here, there’s only one player, and it’s the iPad. Android accounts for just 6% of tablet activations. And, as Infinite’s report suggested, it is indeed the financial sector that’s leading tablet (read: iPad) adoption.

Looking forward, Good Technology predicts that iPad adoption will slow somewhat, then spike again when Apple releases the iPad 3 in March. Meanwhile, Android and Apple will both continue to gain smartphone market share in the enterprise space.

70% of Fortune 500 companies already support Bring Your Own Device plans, according to Good, while another 19% hope to embrace the BYOD concept within a year. This will likely bolster Apple and Google’s dominance in the enterprise.