Apple Exploring Wearables Similar to Google Glass

Google launched Glass and it was a flat-out failure. But this doesn’t seem to be stopping Apple from considering its own facial wearable.

According to sources cited in Bloomberg, the wireless device would sync with iPhones and leverage augmented reality.

Quoth Bloomberg:

Apple has talked about its glasses project with potential suppliers, according to people familiar with those discussions. The company has ordered small quantities of near-eye displays from one supplier for testing, the people said.

However, it’s not something we should expect before 2018, if ever. Like Apple’s self-driving car project, these secret initiatives change course often, have no deadlines, and often are scrapped altogether.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has stated he is a bigger fan of AR than of virtual reality, though, so it seems more likely that the company would develop a Glass-like device rather than a VR headset. Apple has made numerous acquisitions of AR startups over the past couple of years. And the company holds several AR patents.

Wearables, even those worn on the wrist, have yet to take off. The Apple Watch has not been an exception in the lukewarm market.

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