Apple Inc. manager charged with wire fraud, money-laundering, unlawful monetary transactions worth 1 million

ApplePaul Devine is a bad boy.

A global-supply manager for tech giant Apple, Paul was already making good money – but apparently not good enough for his tastes. Paul has been charged with the selling of secrets to Asian suppliers. The federal grand-jury indictment occurred in the U.S. and the charges “include wire fraud, money-laundering, and unlawful monetary transactions,” which date back to 2006.

He supplied confidential information to Cresyn (South Korea), Kaedar Electronics (China), and Jin Li Mould Manufacturing (Singapore), and others. The information, reads the legal report, “would let [these companies] negotiate favourable contracts with Apple.”

The kickback scheme is estimated to have pocketed Paul a clean million in his three years of action, but he’ll now be in the hole for just as much or more. Apple does not take kindly to information leaks.