Apple Raising App Prices in Certain Regions

Apple is set to raise the price of apps in certain regions—specifically the UK, India, and Turkey.

In the UK, costs will numerically match those of the US. This means apps will cost 99p to match 99 cents in the US—a 20% increase from 79p.

Currently one US dollar equals around 82p, but in the US, Apple includes tax in the cost of the app, but not in the UK—add the region’s 20% VAT sales tax and the prices are actually on par.

In-app purchases are also affected. However, subscriptions are not.

Apple says price tiers are set based on “several factors” including exchange rates, taxes, and business costs.

In India, the cost of an app rose 33% to 80 rupees. In Turkey, the cost increased 30% to 3.49 lira.

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