Apple Rumored to Launch Three New iPhones Next Fall

Apple is planning its most extensive iPhone event since Steve Jobs launched the device a decade ago, sources cited in Bloomberg suggest.

According to Bloomberg, Apple intends to launch three new phones: two upgraded versions of the current models and one completely overhauled flagship device.

The all-new iPhone could feature a curved-glass screen, new materials, and a superior camera. However, despite a consistent fall launch by Apple, supply constraints could delay the product’s shipping time by multiple months.

Quote Bloomberg:

“For the premium model, Apple is testing a screen that covers almost the entire front of the device, according to people familiar with the matter. That results in a display slightly larger than that of the iPhone 7 Plus but an overall size closer to the iPhone 7, the people said. Apple is also aiming to reduce the overall size of the handset by integrating the home button into the screen itself via software in a similar manner to Samsung’s S8…”

The sources, however, are quick to point out that nothing has been confirmed. Apple is testing multiple designs but has not settled on one yet. The company is in some ways limited by what its manufacturers can produce at such a high volume and such a fast rate without succumbing to quality control issues like those that doomed Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7.

Apple is expected to source screens from Samsung and camera components from Sony, Bloomberg says.