Apple Showcases New Apple TV, Apple Watch and AirPower at 2017 Keynote

Apple officially shone some light on their new accessories today, including a new Apple Watch and Apple TV amongst a few other announcements.

These reveals came from CEO Tim Cook during Apple’s official keynote today in the Steve Jobs Theatres at the company’s headquarters in Cupertino, California. Check out a breakdown of what to expect from these new offerings below.

Apple Watch Series 3

The Apple Watch Series 3 will come with the brand new watchOS 4 operating system, available September 19. You can download the new OS for old Apple Watches as well.

For the first time, you can opt to purchase a 4G version that can connect to the internet without a tethered phone. You can also stream over 40 million songs without bringing your phone on a run.

You can now make standalone calls with the new watch as well, using a simple to use Calls app. This is a huge step forward, which essentially turns the new Apple Watch 3 into a standalone phone device. A demo was run on the new watch, and voice calls were made without disruption with the watch on your wrist two feet away from the user’s mouth.

The Apple Watch Series 3’s display acts as the antenna. There is an electronic SIM card to power the cellular network, which is a fraction of the size of a normal SIM. This all comes in a case which is the same size of the Series 2 watch.

The new watch operating system will also build on Apple’s goals of improving health and activity tracking. A video from the keynote even detailed several stories from customers who have used the Apple Watch to improve their lives through the use of the device’s many features. Everything from swimming workouts to increased heart-rate monitoring for high-intensity training and even pairing apps with physical fitness equipment will be allowed. Although there was no word on if these will be better equipped to steal baseball signs.

The Apple Watch is the most used heart rate monitor in the world, and it will be updated as well with more health information like recovery and resting info. You can even check it with a raise of your wrist. The new Apple Watch will pay attention to heart rhythm and study irregularities. The Apple Heart Study will use data from the Watch and notify users if there is a potential problem. That feature will be available later this year.

Siri has improved functionality as well. It can now talk and help you out without looking down at your screen.

Apple also announced that Apple Watch is the number one watch in the world.

There will be two versions of the Apple Watch Series 3. One with cellular will run you $399 (all prices USD), without it will be $329. Orders begin September 15, and they will ship September 22.

Apple TV 4K

The new version of Apple TV will feature 4K and High Dynamic Range (HDR), along with a super powerful A10X Fusion CPU and 3GB of RAM. It also comes with much more storage and vastly improved Siri functionality.

HDR means Apple TV can offer better visuals with a wider color gamut and a greater dynamic range between lights and darks. 4K is an ultra high definition that improves on the standard HD we see on screens today. These new quality options coincide with the recent offerings of HDR and 4K shows and movies through Apple’s platforms, meaning you can truly enjoy your shows as they were meant to be.

Apple also announced that 4K movies will be the same price as HD movies. If you already bought an HD movie it will be upgraded to its 4K version.

Live sports will be coming to Apple TV. You can select favorite teams to appear in your “next” lists whenever they are in action. This is all available through the TV app, which will be coming to many new countries including Canada and Australia later this month.

Apple TV 4K starts at $179 and is available to order on September 15 and will ship on September 22.


AirPower is a wireless charger that allows users to put multiple devices on one pad to charge at the same time. You can now charge your iPhone X, Apple Watch Seris 3 and AirPods all at the same, and track their power through a new interface.