What is Apple’s Plan for the Next iPhone?

It’s not even 2017 yet, but of course the rumors have begun swirling around what Apple has planned for the next generation of iPhones. Given that the iPhone 7 was a modest update with some waterproofing, a dual-lens camera, and boosted internal specs, consumers are anticipating a major upgrade next year.

One leading rumor is that Apple will use an OLED screen, a vibrant and low-energy option, according to sources cited in Bloomberg. One issue with that, however, is Apple may not be able to find a supplier capable of manufacturing enough units to meet demand. The company may work around this by shipping only one model with OLED technology.

A new screen may also mean a need look for the iPhone. The OLED screen is expected to extend to the device’s edges with a virtual home button embedded in the screen.

Bloomberg’s sources suggest Apple wants 100 million OLED units from Samsung over one year, which may be possible if distributed evenly—but the iPhone sees a huge bump at launch a second spike just two months later during the holidays.

As with all iPhone rumors: time will tell.

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