Are Geeks the New Alpha Male?

I have a theory I’ve been testing out lately – and while the scientific community has yet to approve it, I’m fairly certain its true. The alpha male has long been achieved by means of physical prowess (meow). While the leader of the pack has long been achieved by sweat and blood, times have now changed. The hierarchy of power is shifting to put geeks ahead of jocks.

The bottom line is, we no longer need someone to kill our food for us. The grocery store down the street has all we could ever ask for, wrapped up in shiny cellophane packages. So while no one is advocating getting rid of your gym membership, just being athletic doesn’t carry nearly the same weight it used to.

Here’s the hypothesis: Those ladies of yester-year that needed a man to take care of them? I won’t lie, they still exist. But the currency of brawn just isn’t what it used to be. To feel safe, secure and taken care of, girls are now turning to men with brains. These women see a direct correlation between brains and dollah-dollah bills y’all and geeks have brains for days.

Those ladies that know they don’t need a man to provide for them? Surprise, they are more interested in brains as well. While girls appreciate eye candy as much as men do, the smart ones want to be entertained. Nothing is as off putting as a man who can’t hold his own at the Scrabble table.

To prove this theory, I need more test data. Get out there, let the ladies know how smart you are and report back on your findings.