Artificial Intelligence Opportunities Heating Up Job Market in Canada

A new report showcases the impact of artificial intelligence on job creation in Canada.

The report by shows that over the past year, AI job opportunities (as a share of all job opportunities) have grown by nearly 500 per cent—highlighting the success of the Government of Canada’s Pan-Canadian Artificial Intelligence Strategy announced earlier this year, as well as the establishment of local innovation hubs in cities like Montreal.

“Rapid advancements in the technology behind artificial intelligence have had significant impacts on the labour market,” said Daniel Culbertson, economist at “Considering the potential for widespread application of these technologies across many industries, there is a strong possibility that this field will be a substantial contributor to economic growth for a long time to come.”

Indeed has identified Toronto as a hub for AI job creation, with 37 per cent of AI job opportunities concentrated here. Vancouver (14 per cent) and Montreal (13 per cent) have also emerged as key cities.

“Toronto’s tech industry is booming right now, so it’s no surprise that it’s also emerged as a hub for AI job opportunities,” said Culbertson. “Ontario overall is home to 54 per cent of the opportunities, with British Columbia and Quebec right behind at 24 per cent and 18 per cent respectively.”

Machine Learning Engineers made up 61 per cent of all AI job postings in Canada in the past year, showing strong demand for the role.

“The vast potential for artificial intelligence is attracting a great deal of investment in the many industries to which this technology is applied,” added Culbertson. “What this means for job seekers with related skills is that the recent growth in artificial intelligence roles is likely to continue in the coming years.”

Artificial intelligence has also been a magnet for venture capital, according to a MoneyTree Report from PwC Canada and CB Insights.