Atlantic Canada lags behind rest of country in adoption of online bill paying, banking

online bankingSnail mail is still widely popular in the Atlantic Canada region, with more than 19 in 20 residents in the area preferring to receive their bills in the mail. Not surprisingly, then, is that they’re also the least likely group of Canadians to pay bills using online banking, and just over half, according to TD Canada Trust’s Everyday Banking Poll.

This may be why Atlantic Canadians seem to miss due dates for their bills: Nearly one in three report that they have paid more than $20 in a year in late-fee charges. They miss bills primarily due to forgetting to pay on time, neglecting to check the due date, and misplacing the bill (pre-authorized online bill payments solve all of these problems).

What might shock Calgarians, Torontonians, and Vancouverites, and the like, is that almost half of Atlantic Canadians like to pay bills at their local banking branch, and more than one in five still choose to send cheques in the mail (really!).