Avastar and Hollywood Tycoon now on Facebook



According to Venture Law Lines, Toronto-based Social Game Universe has recently launched Facebook editions of their popular social games, Avastar and Hollywood Tycoon.  Nathon Gunn and his team have been pursuing their own vision of social gaming for several years now, and the review of their latest products are yielding praise.  


Social Game Universe is developing technology that will enhance the social aspects of “social” gaming for developers everywhere.  Social Game Universe is a Toronto-based social games developer founded in 2009 by veteran digital media entrepreneur and game designer Nathon Gunn and backed by Eli Cohl, Michael Cohl, Moses Znaimer, Gary Slaight, Ron Dembo, Bruce Hooey and Clive Smith


Are “social” games now the standard?  According to Social Times, Social games are a structured activity which has contextual rules through which users can engage with one another. Social games must be multiplayer and have one or more of the following features: turn-based, are based on social platforms for providing users with an identity and are casual.


Nathon Gunn, CEO of Social Game Universe, said, “We believe that social games represent an opportunity to do the extraordinary. New kinds of play that arise from our relationships, new ways to move people that emerge when we share values, maybe even the opportunity to change the world a little bit.”


What are your thoughts on social gaming?