Barack Obama Still Uses a BlackBerry

Research In Motion faced some bad news earlier today when an analyst revealed that many retailers in North America have gone the past month without selling a single BlackBerry.

Only RIM’s most faithful customers seem to remain. Fortunately for the Waterloo company, at least one of those customers is extraordinarily high-profile: the President of the United States of America, who has been proudly touting his RIM smartphone since early 2009.

“I still have a BlackBerry,” Barack Obama is reported to have said after fumbling with a colleague’s iPhone briefly in Florida this week, according to the Washington Times.

We bet RIM is hoping for Barack to win the upcoming US election. His competition, Mitt Romney, is clearly a Berry-hater: an app he launched in July was made available for Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android—but not, as you may have already guessed, BlackBerry.