Imagine a Battery That Charges in Seconds, Lasts for Days, and Has Super Long Lifecycle

A new type of battery could change the game for smartphones and even electric vehicles. Created by researchers at the University of Central Florida, the high-powered battery is packed with supercapacitors.


The battery is a thin piece of metal, no bigger than a thumbnail. But big things sometimes come in small packages: the battery recharges in a matter of minutes and one charge could power a smartphone for multiple days, handily beating today’s lithium-ion batteries.

Two-dimensional (2D) transition-metal dichalcogenides (TMDs) have emerged as promising capacitive materials for supercapacitor devices owing to their intrinsically layered structure and large surface areas . . . These hybrid supercapacitors outperform previously developed any stand-alone 2D TMD-based supercapacitors; particularly, exhibiting an exceptional charge–discharge retention over 30,000 cycles owing to their structural robustness, suggesting great potential for unconventional energy storage technologies.

Moreover, while lithium-ion batteries begin to fade after 500 charges and often die before 2,00 charges, this new battery design could be charged upward of 30,000 times. However, the battery is not yet ready to be used in consumer devices, the researchers say.

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