BBTV Launches VISO to Bring Content Creators Together

One of the world’s largest video platforms is launching a brand new tool aimed at making the lives of content creators much easier.

Vancouver’s BroadbandTV (BBTV) has launched VISO, a creator platform that helps both popular and new creators grow and navigate the world of digital video. The platform looks to consolidate many of the options creators look to incorporate into their brand all into one space.

VISO’s features include access to a collaborative community that lets creators design a profile, connect with other partners and chat through their device, even in different languages. There is also a video optimization tool called Catalyst for Chrome that offers automated real-time insight, helping with YouTube video titles, thumbnails, descriptions and tags during the upload process.

BBTV VISO Screenshot Community
What VISO’s community tab looks like.

Other features include Big Picture, which is at-a-glance information that provides creditors with trending information regarding views, subscriptions and total watchtime; and Spreadshirt, a tool that helps creators easily start their own merch store.

On top of that, VISO comes with huge libraries of both stock video and royalty-free music. In total, there is over 30,000 music tracks and millions of motion backgrounds or templates to choose from.

“BroadbandTV has always been at the forefront of technological innovation in the digital video industry,” said Mehrdad Fatourechi, VP of engineering at BBTV.” With VISO, our partners have everything they need to achieve success including tools to expand their reach with intelligent insights, attain deeper engagement with their audience, collaborate with like-minded creators and expand their monetization opportunities. We remain focused on adding value to our partners at all levels and providing even more premium tools and services for creators at scale.”

VISO is also mobile friendly and offers support in six languages, with plans to add more soon. The new tool is all part of BBTV’s efforts to put all of the power back into their content creators’ hands.

“The new Community feature is what really caught my attention,” said BBTV partner RyzingENT Gaming. “With the ability to add specific interests, it’s now easier than ever to find similar creators to collaborate with which is something that can really help to increase viewership and engagement on YouTube.”

BBTV remains as one of the leading video properties in the world, trailing only Facebook and Google. Right now, BBTV generates over 35 billion monthly impressions through massive partners like Fousey and Major Lazer, and close to every third YouTube video someone watches is associated with BBTV in one way or another. Earlier this year BBTV announced a renewed focus on games and apps with a brand new interactive division.

Shahrzad Rafati, the founder and CEO of BBTV, took home this year’s Entrepreneur of the Year award at the Canadian Innovation Awards.