BC Tech Cube Opens to Stimulate Innovation in AR, VR and MR

The Vancouver technology industry gathered today to celebrate the opening of the country’s first ever virtual, augmented and mixed reality hub.

The BC Tech Cube, as it is known, marks continued growth for 3D development in Vancouver. So far, over 17,000 jobs have been created in the city alone, with over $2.3 billion in revenue. This continued presence will help to stimulate the creation of new startups and further solidify BC’s reputation as a leader in VR, AR and MR in both business and entertainment.

“The Cube is here to stimulate the growth of companies and see small and medium sized ones succeed,” said Bill Tam, CEO of the BC Tech Association. “The opening is symbolic of this digital transformation happening in the province, across Canada and around the world.”

The Cube is 6,000 square feet and sits in the Railtown district of Vancouver. It will become an immediate platform for consumers and businesses to connect and collaborate and was established as an extension of the BC Tech Innovation Hub. Anyone from early-stage entrepreneurs to corporate innovators is welcome to take part in what The Cube offers, fostering quicker growth in the industry.

“By providing entrepreneurs with the tools, support and environment, we’ll be able to supercharge the growth of BC’s burgeoning AR/VR/MR sector and reinforce our reputation as one of the top ecosystems to grow a tech company,” said Tam.

Membership at The Cube entails access to cutting-edge tech gear workshops, mentors and training programs. It will also be home to several industry events to promote networking and relationship-building. The Cube is home to a fifty-desk open office, private offices, and even a green room.

Navdeep Bains, the Canadian Minister of innovation, science and economic development was on hand to open The Cube.

“Congratulations to the BC Tech Cube for bringing together British Columbia’s top talent in 3D development and helping grow the industry,” said Bains. “In today’s knowledge-based economy, it is precisely this spirit of innovation and collaboration that will help us build the economy of the future, creating the jobs of today and tomorrow, and ensuring Canada’s success.”

Bains went on to speak that The Cube is a great example of how Canada is creating their own future in a digital world, fostering collaboration and benefitting all of humanity.