BDC Lounge at Notman House Offers Montreal Startups a Place to Work and Collaborate

The newly renovated Notman House in Montreal now features a space for startups and entrepreneurs seeking a place to work and collaborate.

Dubbed the BDC Lounge, and freshly inaugurated workspace features a conference table, couch, and more, located within Notman, known as “the home of the web” in Montreal.

Notman is largely fueled by a $10-year, $2.5 million agreement with Videotron, who says its support is “aimed primarily at grooming the next generation of developers, incubating new talent outside its walls, and promoting digital development.”

“Videotron is determined to propel Québec and its developers to the forefront of the digital scene,” explains Jean Novak, President of Videotron Business Solutions. “It is our turn to join forces to support the next generation of entrepreneurs.”