Be more stylish with iWardrobe

iWardrobe AppFor anyone whose closet does not consist only of jeans and comic book themed t-shirts picking what’s going to be worn out can be a bit of a chore.  While a Green Lantern shirt might go with everything there are fashion rules to be followed and for anyone who has been hoping for a more tech orientated way of making sure that tie goes with those shoes there is now an iPhone app for that.

Released on December 1 iWardrobe from Vancouver’s FireTonic Entertainment Inc, uses the iPhone’s built in camera to build a database of your closet.  Just snap pictures of everything from your tops and bottoms to shoes and accessories and you’re able to create outfits virtually to see if they match without going through all the trouble of putting clothes on and taking them off.

There is a question of whether static photos of clothes can quite replicate the visual effectiveness of actually standing in front of a mirror posing with them.  Thanks to chocolate and beer the human body is a constantly changing equation and a pair of slacks that fit fine one day might not look so good a few days later.  However as a way of constructing a few choice outfits out of a closet without having to put hand to hanger, iWardrobe is a time saver.

iWardrobe is availble in Apple’s App Store now priced at $2.99 for the full featured version and free for the lite trial version of the application.