Beaucoo Debuts in App Store, Offering New Way for Women to Shop Online

Last month Calgary startup BeauCoo announced they have raised a $1.1 million financing round led by Zinc Ventures and angel investor Brad Zumwalt.

Founded earlier this year by Christian MacLean, Victoria MacLean, Rick Cotter and Cory Smith, BeauCoo is a new platform designed to connect women of similar body types to share style and store information, earn real-world rewards and to improve their overall shopping experience.

Today BeauCoo officially launched in Apple’s App Store. Users can now create a BeauCoo profile based on their body dimensions and be connected with other women who match their measurements.

As women shop, they can post photos of various styles and brands they try and like along the way, offering their thoughts on the product. They can also include the store location so others can easily track down items that may work for them as well. As an added feature, BeauCoo will send users targeted offers and promotions based on their level of use and targeted by time, taste, geography and wants.

The solution BeauCoo provides is particularly exciting for women who fall into body type categories that are more common but less catered to by retailers. For example, two-thirds of women are considered to be plus-size but only an estimated 15% of women’s apparel sales fall into that range, says researchers at NPD Group.

BeauCoo is available for download in the App Store with web and Android applications following next month.