Beck Taxi Launches Uber-like Payment Features with new Mobile App

Canada’s largest, family-owned and award winning taxi brokerage Beck Taxi, announced today the launch of their new custom end-to-end digital dispatch system.

The new Beck system includes a mobile customer application that offers in-app payment in collaboration with PayPal for the first time ever in Canada.

Beck had previously launched an app that allowed for location pinning, but not payments, three years ago.

Built for both iOS and Android platforms and accessible for Blackberry 10 users, the new customer app allows commuters to ride with Beck, wallet and hassle-free.

Beck Taxi’s partnership with PayPal allows Torontonians to pay directly with their mobile device through their PayPal account or with their credit card without waiting for paper receipts or processing payments through a terminal. Commuters receive email receipts for both PayPal and credit card transactions.

“Minutes are everything to Torontonians, and we are committed to continuing to provide transportation solutions that support our city’s commuters and get people where they need to go faster, said Kristine Hubbard, Operations Manager at Beck Taxi.

“This update offers customers the ability to pay in-app and view wait times, all while providing riders with a quieter trip by cutting down on some of the radio chatter, which we know Beck customers will appreciate.”

The new app also allows users to rate each ride at the end of their trip. It also provides fare estimations and the ability to ‘favourite’ any pickup or drop off location.

According to today’s announcement, early estimates indicate the app will save approximately 60 seconds off each ride, easing traffic congestion and reducing emissions, which National Resources Canada equates to more than 850 metric tonnes per annum.