Big Three telcos gearing up to sell BlackBerry Torch 9860 by month’s end

The BlackBerry Bold 9900 and the BlackBerry Torch 9810 already launched at major carriers in Canada earlier this month.

The third new RIM device coming out in August is the Torch 9860. Bell plans to sell the device for $130 on a three-year contract while Rogers will be charging $70 more—in fact, Rogers’ prices on all three BlackBerrys are higher than both Bell and Telus on full-term contracts. 

If you’re confused by the two torches, here’s the key difference: the 9810 (already released) is the second generation of the original Torch, the 9800. The 9860, on the other hand, is a new type of Torch—it doesn’t have a slide-out keyboard, so it’s more like the old Storm (or most of today’s smartphones). It also has a slightly larger screen.