Bill Buxton to keynote at meshu

Bill Buxton.  Its a name that should be familiar to anyone involved in thmeshue technology and design innovation world.

Bill Buxton will be this year’s morning keynote at meshU in Toronto.  Bill has spent the past 30 plus years “in research, design and commentary around human aspects of technology, and digital tools for creative endeavour, including music, film and industrial design.”  Presently, Bill is a Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research and a columnist on design and innovation for 

This year, meshU takes place on Monday May 17th at the MaRS Collaboration Centre in downtown Toronto.

So, if you’re a design or innovation person who is looking for a day long event to learn practical tips and learn about new tools, meshU is the event you want to be at.  And Bill Buxton is someone whom you want to learn from.

For ticket information please visit meshU.