BioWare to expand Montreal operations for Mass Effect 3

Montreal is further establishing itself as Canada’s “second city” when it comes to video games, and further hiring by role-playing game giant BioWare isn’t hurting.

BioWare’s Montreal staff will more than double from 27 to 55, and plans are in the work to grow the Quebec studio to 150 staff eventually. BioWare has produced such franchises as Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Baldur’s Gate.

According to CBC News’ Peter Nowak, BioWare is hoping that with increased staff, increased autonomy will follow, perhaps with games developed in-house in Montreal:

“Now that we’ve proven ourselves and shown that we can be successful, we’re taking the next step,” Montreal studio director Yanick Roy said. “We’re also doubling our contribution to whatever happens next in the Mass Effect franchise.”

Roy said that when the Montreal studio reaches its optimal size, it will look at the possibility of developing its own franchises.

“We’re leaving all of these doors open. We’ll react to whatever makes most sense at the time.”

The latest instalment of the Mass Effect series, Mass Effect 3, has no release date currently. However, it will doubtlessly face huge expectations after the universal acclaim for Mass Effect 2.