BlackBerry Still Most Secure Platform, Apple Second, Windows Trumps Dead-Last Android

New research from industry analysts at Trend Micro reveals which platforms are workplace-secure. Waterloo’s Research in Motion, a pioneer in the enterprise mobile space, takes the lead with its BlackBerry 7 OS, according to a report titled “Enterprise Readiness of Consumer Mobile Platforms.”

BB7 scored top across the board, attaining by far the highest average score (2.89), well ahead of the competition. Apple’s popular iOS platform ranked second at 1.7, followed by Windows Phone at 1.6. Google’s fragmented Android platform ranked dead last with an average score of only 1.37.

Trend Micro says that BlackBerry boasts “corporate-grade security and manageability” that makes the platform “the option of choice for the most stringent mobile roles.” Meanwhile, Apple’s operating system provides user protection “because all applications are sandboxed in a common memory environment,” while the physical security attributes of the iPhone and iPad provide “another layer of protection for users.”

Microsoft has created “a reasonably robust and secure” platform with Windows Phone, the report suggests. However, the Android platform suffers from “critical vulnerabilities,” it affirms.