Bluzelle Adds Penchina, Fox and Malik to Advisory Board

Bluzelle has added some heavy hitters to round out their advisory board.

The Vancouver-based decentralized database service provider has announced three new additions to their advisory board ahead of an upcoming token sale. Gil Penchina, Brian Fox and Prashant Malik will join Bluzelle.

The three new additions are well-respected and carefully selected representatives of their fields, including software programming, database development and technology investment. They will bring insight to the Bluzelle, a company that operates in a blockchain and cryptocurrency space currently seeing meteoric rises in assets and interest from well-known brands.

“Bluzelle has a highly-talented technical team solving real problems that the distributed planetary computing network will need to scale,” said Gil Penchina.

Penchina founded Flight Ventures and is the builder of the largest investment syndicate on AngelList. He has provided funding for a who’s who of well-known brands, including LinkedIn, PayPal and IndieGoGo. Penchina is also, of course, an avid investor in blockchain and cryptocurrencies, investing in Ripple, Brave and Polychain Capital.

“The web started out as a decentralized information sharing system,“ said Brian Fox. “But that changed, and not for the better. Bluzelle’s decentralized database and open source plan fits perfectly with my world vision—a decentralized Internet for everyone.”

Fox is a strong proponent of free software and created the GNU Bash shell, a software replacement that has been used as the default login shell for Linux distribution software—and even Apple’s macOS—since its release in 1989. Fox’s penchant for transparency does not stop at computers, as he also is a strong voice for open-source voting systems and even co-authored an op-ed in the New York Times with a former CIA director.

“Bluzelle’s technology is a game changer as it is attacking the problem at its root by simplifying the complex administration of clustered data storage solutions,” said Prashant Malik. “I believe this can fundamentally disrupt multiple industries.”

Malik worked at Facebook and co-developed an open-source database management system that made the social media’s inbox search function work seamlessly. His experience will aid in Bluzelle’s own decentralized non-relational databases.

Bluzelle was recently appointed as a technology pioneer by the World Economic Forum. The company provides a database service for decentralized apps and is designed for those developers who are dissatisfied with the costs and limited scalability of existing systems.