Bnotions Spins Out Harth Labs, a Social Gaming Startup

Bnotions has launched Harth Labs, a new social gaming startup.

Harth launches alongside the release of its first title, Say What? which is a free social word game for iPhone (and eventually Android). Plans to develop the game were originally announced during a keynote by Bnotions Managing Partner, Alkarim Nasser, at Facebook’s Hack Day in Toronto in July.

Bnotions says that it will continue to serve as the engineering and design arm of Harth Labs, focusing on product strategy and game design. This is the company’s first social game product.

“It was just a natural evolution for our people to want to showcase their thinking on an internal project. Bringing veteran game developers and designers into a company that has expertise in Facebook and mobile strategy, design and development gives us a strong edge in social gaming,” explains Nasser.

He goes on to describe Harth’s first game:

We designed Say What? to have a low entry-point that ensures all can play, from the seasoned wordsmith to the casual word game fan. We feel it combines strategizing and wordplay in a low-stakes, casual gaming environment. Unlike many other word games on the market, Say What? not only tests players’ language skills, but also their skills of deduction and intuition.

See the game in action on YouTube or try it out for yourself via the App Store.