Boast Capital Partners With ADG to Maximize Angel Investment Using R&D Tax Credits

Boast Capital and Alberta Deal Generator (ADG) are pleased to announce their strategic partnership to help companies maximize R&D tax credits and make ADG investments go further.

“Bringing quality deals to our investment members and providing value to the companies that pitch is our focus,” says Henry Kutarna, Executive Director for ADG.

“Pre-screening our deals to ensure that companies have a process in place to capture SR&ED tax credit opportunities will provide our investors with confidence that invested capital is leveraged to the maximum extent possible and Boast Capital provides a high level of SR&ED expertise that our team and membership appreciates.”

Investors want their investment to take companies further and increase their own return while doing so. Busy investors don’t have the time to scope funding resources, so for the first time, Boast Capital will take on this task and ensure companies have utilized and maximized innovation funding resources like SR&ED.

The SR&ED program can have a significant impact on an early-stage company’s bottom line. In 2013, the program provided $3.4B to 22,000 companies and helped Canadian-controlled SME’s recover up to 64%* of eligible expenditures as a refundable tax credit.

“We’ve found that many companies are under-claiming or not claiming at all simply because they are unaware of the program’s broad R&D definition,” explains Alex Popa, Partner, Boast Capital.  “We look forward to providing our expertise to help companies determine if they qualify for SR&ED or whether they are maximizing their existing claim.”

To learn more about ADG angel investment, please visit Innovate Calgary’s website.

*sample calculation for Alberta-based, Canadian-controlled private corporation.