Bootup Demo Days and the Seed Accelerator

The Bootup Entrepreneurial Society hosted Bootup Demo Days at the Canadian Financing Forum today and eight companies got their chance to give 10 minute investment presentations in front of a captive angel and early stage investor audience. Of the eight startups, four were portfolio companies from Bootup Labs’ 2009 Beta cohort and four were of the standard Vancouver bootstrap variety.

During the event intro, Bootup Labs‘ Danny Robinson gave the VC-heavy a little background on incubators like Bootup Labs. Ooops – old habits die hard. Apparently Robinson along with Y Combinator‘s Paul Graham and TechStars‘ Brad Feld have agreed to drop the “Incubator” term for good in favour of “Seed Accelerator”.

Robinson also stated that for big technology companies, the startup ecosystem is the new R&D Department. He’s definitely on to something there and backed it up with a impressive statistic – 77 web companies have been acquired already this year.

Bootup Demo Days are not over yet. Next week all eight startups will be heading down to Silicon Valley to repeat their presentations at the Plug and Play Tech Centre in Palo Alto on February 3rd.