Bosch, Siemens, and More Build App to Assign Household Chores

The Home Connect app is powered by S'moresUp and sends real-time chore lists to children to finish and report as completed to parents.

Need to Know

  • Parenting app S’moresUp partnered with conglomerate BSH (maker of Siemens, Bosch, NEFF, Gaggenau, and more) to allow appliances to assign chores to kids through specialized app Home Connect.
  • The smart integrations are a fun and interactive way to task and reward children both online and off.
  • S’moresUp has over 200,000 family members using the app.
  • Tech for children is becoming increasingly common, with a wide range of apps offering solutions for children’s learning and development.


As the next AI innovation, data is now making parenting easier, too. California-based parenting app, S’moresUp, has partnered up with German appliance group BSH to use tech to assign chores to children. 

This means that now dishwashers, coffee makers, and washers and dryers can tell your kids to do their chores. When logging in to the Home Connect app, users will see a list of chores related to one of their smart home appliances and can assign each chore to a family member. The app will then send a notification to the person’s phone or tablet. 

For example, when the dishes are done, the dishwasher creates a task for the user(s) to remove the dishes. Once complete, the user can update the task as complete. Parents can even opt-in to receive a notification or photo evidence when the chore is complete.

S’moresUp is a data-driven app that not only allows parents to assign chores to their kids, like setting the table and feeding the dog but it also “uses predictive and behavioral analysis to help parents manage their household and teach their kids critical life skills.” 

BSH is a world leader in appliances. Its Home Connect brand is “an innovative solution dedicated to smart home appliances” that allows users to control a wide variety of home appliances from leading brands, such as Thermador and Bosch.

By partnering with BSH’s Home Connect family of smart appliances, S’moresUp hopes to reimagine smart parenting. 

“Technology advances have changed the way companies operate and people across the globe communicate. It’s time that parents benefit from emerging technology as well,” said Priya Rajendran, CEO and co-founder of S’moresUp. “We’re pleased to share that with this collaboration, technology is unlocking new ways to assist busy parents, while helping kids learn responsibility, self-reliance, and other critical life skills.”

Johannes Ochsner, head of connected products and digital services for Home Connect agrees. “Partnering with innovative startups such as S’moresUp offers users a fun way to interact with their appliances while getting household tasks done.”

S’moresUp’s founders hope to eventually integrate with digital assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. 

As tech becomes increasingly prevalent in the daily lives of adults, so does tech for children. In addition to chore apps for kids, there are also apps that let kids learn about animals while brushing their teeth, learn to code, and even screen age-appropriate Youtube videos