Botler Launches AI­-Powered Knowledge-Sharing Platform for Incoming Immigrants

Montreal’s Nonimo Technologies today launched Botler, an artificial intelligence-powered knowledge­-sharing platform for incoming immigrants by immigrants.

Botler is a next-generation messaging platform and communication tool that uses AI to better facilitate community and group discussion.

“This idea was born within a community of smart and highly skilled people who dream of a better life. They’re willing to take big risks, give up everything and start over,” said Botler’s founder, Amir Moravej. “Still, so many prospective immigrants are using outdated, poorly ­designed messaging boards to ask and answer questions about the immigration process.”

All four of Botler’s team members immigrated to Canada from other countries. They previously worked at Facebook, Google, and startups.

The idea for Botler came after Moravej personally experienced immigrating to Canada.

Around 250,000 people successfully immigrate to Canada every year. As well, the number of international migrants ­ persons living in a country other than where they were born reached 244 millon in 2015, according to UN.

“Canada is welcoming immigrants because of their skills and abilities. While the process is similar for many, it’s fraught with difficulties and roadblocks,” said Moravej. “We want to do something about this process and help these communities have a smoother, safer journey, where they can gain easy access to knowledge and support each other.”

Botler is currently in public beta, and can now help communities create lounges online. iOS and Android applications are currently being developed.