Brainmaven makes you looks smart with Custom Research Reports

If you’ve been delaying a research project because you just don’t have the time (or will) to get it done, you should check out Brainmaven.

Brainmaven provides on demand research services from top students at leading research universities in North America.

Brainmaven’s research service is powered by the smartest University students they can find and they’ve packaged their offering to combine options on research intensity while promising predictable turnaround times.

Techvibes gave the service a whirl and asked this question:

What is the Canadian profile of the most popular social networking sites – Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn? I would like demographic and psychographic data as well as users numbers and growth trends.

Brainmaven users can determine the research intensity by selecting the numbers of hours they want the researcher to spend on the question. In our case we selected a 6 hour block of research time and seven day turnaround time which normally costs 149 credits (equivalent to US $149).

Brainmaven delivered our report titled Social Networking Eh!: The Canadian Demographics of
Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook
and we’re making it public to show our readers what the finished Brainmaven product looks like.

I like the fact that the last section of the report is titled Future Research and tells the user what the researcher’s next steps would be if you continued to request research on a particular topic after the the specified number of hours are up.

Since the journey is sometimes as valuable as the destination, all Brainmaven reports include the researcher’s rough notes that were recorded in the process of producing the main body of the report.

Brainmaven is based in Vancouver and was co-founded by serial entrepreneur Michael Kuhlmann who has helped found and operate several tech ventures including FatPort and Colony Networks and Ajay Agrawal, the Peter Munk Professor of Entrepreneurship at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management.