BrainStation Announces Waterloo Launch and Partnership with Communitech

BrainStation and Communitech have announced a unique partnership around digital education in Canada.

BrainStation Waterloo will operate and educate out of Communitech’s industry leading innovation hub, and integrate its offerings and courses into the vibrant community therein.

In combination, BrainStation and Communitech will offer unparalleled education and growth opportunities to businesses spanning emerging startups to the global leaders of the Fortune 500.

Starting on June 9th, BrainStation Waterloo will offer part-time courses in User Experience (UX) Design, Web Development, and Mobile (iOS) Development.  These courses will create an opportunity for Communitech’s members and the broader Waterloo Region to learn in a practical, hands-on environment, and leave the program having created a website, built an app, or designed an amazing new product.  Additional courses, such as Digital Marketing, and Product Management, will roll out by the Fall, 2015.

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“We founded BrainStation with the vision to change the way that cutting edge technology, design, and business education is delivered around the world.  That vision is one that will require strong partners from all corners of industry and government, and Communitech will be invaluable as we grow not only in Waterloo, but across Canada, and North America“, said Jason Field, Founder, BrainStation.

Communitech and BrainStation will collaborate on identifying additional educational needs across their membership, and the Waterloo region, including more granular workshops, and programming geared specifically towards entrepreneurs.

“Communitech provides our members with the resources they require to succeed at any level of maturity and scale, and education is a key component of that equation,” said Jeff Nesbitt, Vice President, Enterprise and Innovation, Communitech. “The partnership with BrainStation will introduce an exciting new capability to our network, providing hands-on training opportunities for employees to develop their digital skills.”

BrainStation Waterloo is hosting a launch event at the Tannery Event Centre in Kitchener on April 9th to celebrate the new partnership.