BrainStation Launches Online Live Classroom Platform

Keeping career skills up to date is incredibly important in a constantly shifting and evolving digital world, and one of Canada’s leading learning brands has unveiled a new way to stay abreast of the latest digital knowledge.

BrainStation has officially launched Online Live learning in North America. It is a completely new way for students or skills seekers to gain new knowledge and keep up with cutting-edge advancements.

Online Live learning is powered by a proprietary online learning platform and goes beyond a typical online course offering. It lets students attend live lectures, collaborate with other professionals and receive immediate feedback from course instructors—just as if they were attending an in-person BrainStation class. Attendees can break off into groups, ask questions in the middle of a lecture, and do just about anything they would do in a physical classroom.

“The key thing here is that we’re talking about live learning,” says Jason Field, founder and CEO of BrainStation. “Over the past six years, we’ve worked with industry leaders to develop a really engaging learning experience at our campuses in Toronto, and Vancouver. With Online Live learning, we wanted to bring that same experience online, so that anyone in North America can now get access to our courses and curriculum.”

The new platform will offer both full-time and part-time courses and cover all of BrainStation’s signature disciplines, including development, design, data, product management, and marketing.

The full-time intensive courses offered are data science, web development and user experience design. These courses are meant to give students a complete career transformation. The part-time courses on offer through the platform are deeper, including iOS development, product management, SEO, digital marketing and others.

“Obviously, the ease and convenience are key factors in online learning, but we wanted to offer an alternative to massive online open courses and ‘learn at your own pace’ learning models,” explains Field. “These have their place in digital skills training, but course completion rates can be very low without the extra motivation of being part of an actual live class. With Online Live learning, we connected the best of both worlds, combining instructor-led, collaborative learning with the convenience of an online experience.”

The new platform had been in operation for a few choice courses already and BrainStation heard great feedback from students, as the live components and its intuitiveness provided a much deeper impact than traditional online learning modules. Now students across North America can have access to that platform.

Class sizes will remain small and focused on the Live Learning platform so students can receive lots of one-on-one attention when they need it.