BrightKit – The Ultimate Twitter Toolbox

Vancouver’s Invoke Media is at it again.

Today they launched a Twitter app called BrightKit – the ultimate Twitter toolbox. BrightKit allows Twitter users to manage multiple Twitter profiles and pre-schedule tweets from one slick interface.

But who has more than one Twitter account?? Almost a year ago (forever in the Internet world), TechCrunch’s Duncan Riley asked his readers how many Twitter accounts they have and was surprised to find out that half had multiple accounts.

Around half of those people who responded said that they had more than one Twitter account, with many having three or more. There were various reasons given for the additional accounts. Some had additional accounts for their businesses, ones where they may post items exclusively business related for those who are interested. These accounts also included automated accounts as well, for example an account that pulls data from an RSS feed.

Then there were some other more interesting uses for multiple accounts. Some were using the additional account like a RSS reader, subscribing to business and other Twitter accounts that provide topical news within a particular niche or interest area. Some used an additional account for a circle of friends where they could privately discuss items they didn’t want the entire world reading. One Twitter user even told me he has the extra accounts because he’s name squatting.

Plenty has changed in the Twittersphere since then and my guess is that the half estimate is no longer an accurate count of the number of users with the multiple-account conundrum.

On top of the profile managment capability, BrightKit allows users to pre-schedule tweets to deliver continous content to their audience. This is a very useful feature if you’re using Twitter as part of a social media marketing strategy.

BrightKit launched this afternoon to plenty of fanfare (tweets). Should be interesting to see how the app evolves as they’re already getting instant user feedback – check it out for yourself at @BrightKit.