BroadbandTV Announces New Partnership with PBS

One of the largest digital entertainment companies in the world is partnering with a world-renowned broadcaster to help spread both the organizations’ content to more users than ever before.

BroadbandTV (BBTV) is partnering with PBS to help manage fan-uploaded content on Youtube for several popular shows, including NOVA, FRONTLINE, and Nature, as well as several PBS KIDS series. As one of the most well-known television broadcasters in the world, PBS is looking to team up with BBTV to tap into their digital prowess and make sure the widest audience possible can access their digital content.

“We’re helping PBS control their premium IP across digital, opening up new opportunities, and further connecting them to their digital fans,” said Lewis Ball, VP of Interactive, e-Commerce and Professional Services at BBTV.

BBTV, based in Vancouver, is the third largest video property in the world, trailing only tech behemoths Google and Facebook. The platform generates over 33 billion monthly impressions and 204 million hours viewed each month. They work with some of the most popular YouTube influencers as well as other massive brands like the NBA and Viacom.

PBS will join those notable brands by partnering with BBTV to help manage their digital presence for a select group of shows that will appeal both to children and adults. PBS boasts nearly 350 member stations and reaches close to 100 million people through television and 28 million people online per month. This new partnership will help BBTV break further into the educational content industry, as PBS KIDS is a world leader when it comes to pre-K through grade 12 learning resources.

“The entertainment industry is facing a lot of challenges – not the least of which is protecting our IP,” said Andrea Downing, co-president of PBS Distribution. “We need a suite of tools to be successful, and BroadbandTV will be a powerful ally in managing our content on YouTube.”

BBTV’s team uses their own proprietary service called VISO NOVI to help detect and track fan engagement associated with premium content, all while keeping rights owners in control of their own IP. VISO also helps those content creators better navigate the world of digital video.

The digital entertainment company has been unveiling a slew of new features and priorities over the past six months. earlier this year, BBTV also announced the launch of BBTV Interactive, a business division focused on building original games and apps across multiple different platforms.