BroadbandTV Launches VISO Catalyst to Empower Online Video Partners

Vancouver’s BroadbandTV announced this morning that it has publicly launched VISO Catalyst, a powerful web platform that enables channel partners to optimize their video content and better manage their digital assets.

BroadBandTV is YouTube’s fourth largest multi-channel network and recently received a $36 million investment from European entertainment and broadcasting network RTL Group.

Benchmarking analyses across 1,062 videos uncovered that, on average, users of VISO Catalyst benefit from a 34% increase in viewership of their content in 30 days.

“Not only can I more accurately forecast my income, but I’ve already seen a dramatic impact on my viewership, I’ve experienced 51% viewership growth in just 60 days and my number of subscribers has increased by an impressive 113%,” noted Canadian partner Jake McCormick.

VISO Catalyst displays information upfront including estimated monthly revenue, number of views, number of subscribers and amount of time viewed. The platform also provides its users with scalable tools and solutions including keyword and thumbnail optimization, smart engagement and protection, and video deployment.

The service has been in a private beta since June.