Build Machine Learning Tools at National Learn to Code Day

The fifth National Learn to Code Day will introduce Canadian women and youth to what seems to be the hottest topic in the technology space: artificial intelligence.

Accenture and Ladies Learning Code have partnered for the annual workshop that brings together over 1,500 coding beginners from over 25 cities across Canada to learn technical skills and boost digital literacy.

This year, attendees will have a full-fledged introduction into the complex world of AI, learning about the history of machine learning, data strategies and even how to build their own machine learning model.

“While many of us may think AI and machine learning mean more robots and self-driving cars, at a fundamental level, they are about data and ways to make meaning of data,” Learning to Code writes on their website.

“In this workshop, we’ll use a hands-on project based approach to learn how to put data to use for us in our everyday lives.”

It’s been widely discussed and documented how women aren’t well represented in the technology sector. While significant barriers remain, events like Learn to Code Day are meant to encourage both women and girls to become passionate about building technology.

Registration is open online.