Calgary coworking space should be ready by October

Quinton Rafuse, Nik Thierry and Jeffrey Gibson saw that there was no coworking space in Calgary and wondered why. 

Coworking is the practice of multiple independent creative professionals (you can call ’em freelancers) working in and sharing the same space.

The group has a couple of main goals.

Our focal points are finding an ideal space that perfectly combines open, shared workspace with breakout areas for socialization and meetings; we want to develop a strong community and allow the group to establish an identity outside the walls; and most of all we want to provide a fun yet productive workspace for Calgary’s freelancers.

They’re looking at a soft launch (kind of like an out of town preview) in September and hopefully a full-on launch by October 1st. The biggest challenge facing the group is finding a location. 

If you are interested in the project there are a couple of ways to get a hold of the people involved:

If you want to know more about coworking Quinton was kind enough to furnish me with a bunch of kickass links. 

Here is the ultimate link on coworking:

Coworking blogs:

A twitter directory

Examples of some successful, high-profile coworking spaces:

We will keep you updated on more news about a Calgary coworking space as more news becomes available.