Calgary Real Estate Board partners with Ubertor

The Calgary Real Estate Board (CREB) announced today that they have partnered with Vancouver-based on a new venture that will provides REALTOR® websites to CREB’s over 5000 members.

“We made a strategic decision a few months ago to adjust our core offerings to our REALTORS® and move into the web services business,” said Mark Hobbs, Manager, Media Services at CREB®. “The future of real estate boards is evolving and our revenue model needed to evolve with it. We wanted to add a website product and it was determined that the solution offered by Ubertor was the best fit for our REALTOR® members.”

Ubertor is a website platform built specifically for the real estate industry for real estate agents. With a focus on video, blogging, social media sharing and search engine optimization, Ubertor is a preferred platform for agents interested in taking their business online.

Great to see a business born out of Vancouver have success across Canada. And if you’re house-hunting in Calgary, you’re going to appreciate real estate agents making your online research a little easier using Ubertor.