Calgary’s budtobud Makes Bold Promise to Improve Music Listening Experience

If you’re looking for a unique way to party this long weekend, budtobud might be the answer.  budtobud, brainchild of Patrick Rousseau, co-founder and former President of Blackline GPS, is an experience-driven social network that lets you listen to music with your friends, anywhere they are, using whatever music source you want.

Rousseau came upon the idea of budtobud during a flight to Europe when he wanted to listen to music with his girlfriend and had no option but to load the same library on two different devices and push play simultaneously.

Rousseau set out to improve the music listening experience and has just launched a beta. Initial response for budtobud has been great – you can see what your friends are listening to in real-time, play music for each other, rate songs, chat, and even share it on facebook and twitter.

“Our users have been the greatest help so far,” says Rousseau. “We’ve responded to their needs and their feedback has been invaluable.”

Needless to say, butobud is a cool way to listen to music and party with your friends. Check it out for yourselves.