Calgary’s Katipult aims to help charities and nonprofits raise funds online

Katipult is a web startup that wants to help charitable societies and nonprofit organizations raise funds, execute projects, and build followings.

The Calgary-based company believes in Fundraising 2.0—tapping into today’s online community for donors. But it also believes in more than just asking for financial support.
Katipult claims it has “redefined the fundamentals of creating movements and engaging donors” through its Full Cycle Fundraising platform, where donations are just the beginning. Project execution and an expanding following complete a cycle that then organically grows fundraising potential.

To raise funds, Katipult believes organizations need to give donors clear objectives so they know exactly how their money will make an impact. The startup’s platform then lets organizations centralize their campaign content—videos, photos, blogs, etc.—into a “single library of social good” that features project analytics tools to optimize efforts.

Leveraging the growing trend of “crowdfunding”—born from crowdsourcing—Katipult encourages organizations to build their network on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google, etc. and speeds growth with referral rewards systems.

Katipult is free for charities and nonprofits. There are no setup fees or monthly fees and there are no contracts.