Calgary’s Solium Announces Acquisition of Capshare

Solium has announced their acquisition of Capshare.

The Calgary-based Solium provides cloud-enabled services for global equity administration, financial reporting and compliance.

Capshare, headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, is a digital equity management platform that allows private companies to issue stock and manage equity in one place.

It’s a natural fit for the SaaS company Solium to purchase Capshare and make use of their 10,000-plus consumer base.

Solium has advanced substantially over the past five years, growing from 150 employees to 600 while opening offices in London, Sydney, Barcelona and San Francisco. They count huge companies like Dropbox, Uber, Snap and SpaceX as customers now. Solium also recently relocated to a brand new 60,000 square foot office in the heart of Calgary’s downtown.

Capshare will continue to function independently and maintain their focus on early-stage private companies, but they will now be able to harness Solium’s broader capabilities and technical support. The acquisition price was not disclosed.

“Capshare has built an incredible product for early-stage companies that enables them to service their target audience better than any other company in the market,” said Marcos Lopez, CEO of Solium. “Together with Solium’s Shareworks platform, we are now able to bring the best technology and service to companies from inception through IPO.”

This acquisition will now give Solium better access to early-stage startups and bring them into an ecosystem used by thousands of high-growth private businesses, as well as later-stage and public companies. The organizations represented through Capshare will now be able to better handle their growth and gain access to valuable partnerships and guidance from other companies that have fun the gamut from startup to public IPO.

“The private company market for equity management and valuations is going through an evolution,” said Jeron Paul, founder and CEO of Capshare. “Companies are abandoning spreadsheets and looking toward a single provider for services like 409A, stock option expensing, shareholder relations and board management. Solium is the perfect partner to help Capshare’s customers succeed in this changing market.”

There will be no changes to Capshare’s management team, but Solium’s growth plan does include a goal to triple Capshare’s development team.

Seven years ago Solium acquired Computershare’s business unit.