Calgary’s TechRev honours 2011 Innovators

Nice turn-out for the TechRev innovators 2011 event over at Mount Royal University last night.

There must have been close to 300 people assembled and a great mix of entrepreneurs, researchers, VCs, accelerators etc., not to mention a real blend of mature and newbie tech companies.

Once everybody had a glass of wine and some nice appys in them, John Masters, CEO of Innovate Calgary welcomed guests and shared a video depicting his newly launched organization – the amalgamation of Calgary Technologies Inc. and University Technologies International. 

An impressive group of TechRev alumni, sponsors, and Advisory Council members introduced the companies recognized at this event. From a slate of more than 350 nominations, the 2011 winners were:


  • Aqua-Pure Ventures is an oilfield engineering and services firm that has developed and commercialized leading-edge technology that transforms wastewater from a liability to an asset.
  • Blackline GPS integrates satellite tracking with cellular technology to provide solutions to address growing markets in asset and resource security, recovery, and management.
  • Chaordix applies the principles of crowdsourcing to a company’s marketing and business objectives, developing communities for co-creation, market prediction, testing and solving.
  • Circle Cardiovascular Imaging develops analytical software for the cardiac imaging community to facilitate the efficient quantitative evaluation of medical imaging studies.
  • ComplyWorks is a global leader in providing Compliance Management Solutions to help customers streamline contractor and supplier management and supply chain processes.
  • Hemisphere GPS, a pioneer and global leader in the geomatics field, designs and manufactures products for positioning, guidance, and machine control applications.
  • MoboVivo enables anyone who owns video content, such as the media and entertainment industries, producers and broadcasters, to manage, mobilize and monetize their content.
  • Motive Industries is a specialized vehicle design and engineering company involved in ideation, design and engineering; all the information that’s required to actually construct advanced automobiles.
  • Sky Hunter uses proprietary technology to conduct airborne surveys that map microseep data, predicting the presence of pressurized hydrocarbon reservoirs.
  • Splice Software connects call centres and web applications for enterprise clients, allowing them to connect with their customers through a unique human audio application.

So, as you can see, a real mix of geomatics, ICT, life sciences, clean techs etc. There really is an amazing volume and diversity of emerging techs in Cowtown.

The awards aside, it was great to see so many old (and new) faces last night.

In the midst of growing our businesses, chasing funds and body-slamming the competition, it’s pretty easy to sometimes lose sight of that fact that what makes emerging tech work is community. Pam Boytinck and the team over at Innovate Calgary get that and as innovators and entrepreneurs, we’re better for it.

So Kudos (another Calgary start-up that’s going to be on this list some day) to this years award winners and to the Innovate Calgary team for putting on a great event.