As Email Marketing Gets Personal, Campaign Monitor Acquires Tagga

Campaign Monitor, an email marketing company, has acquired Tagga, a customer data platform, for an undisclosed sum.

Founded in 2008 in Vancouver, Tagga provides technology that Campaign Monitor can leverage as email marketing demands increased personalization.

“The opportunity that we saw in this market … was to take system of intelligence and marry it with a system of engagement,” Campaign Monitor CEO Alex Bard told TechCrunch. “We want to bring those two together in a really seamless experience, actually have a next-gen CRM system capturing data, creating dynamic profiles informing hyper-segmentation, using that to deliver something hyper-personalized to the right user at the right time and ultimately giving you feedback on what the result of that was.”

Tagga’s team will join Campaign Monitor but its business will be fully integrated, eventually ceasing to operate as a standalone entity.

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