Canada’s Five Most Wishlisted Airbnb Properties For 2017

Airbnb lets users find a home or a room owned by someone else and rent it—for a day, a week, a month or even longer.

Canadians are active users of the service, both as renters and rentees. According to statistics released late last year, the typical Airbnb renter in Ontario earns $3,900 a year, even though nearly 50 per cent of all Airbnb revenue is earned by just 10 per cent of renters. That trend indicates that most people just rent out their home for a week or two a year, while the true moneymakers own homes exclusively for renting. On top of this, around 50 per cent of Airbnb renters in Ontario are natives of the province.

There are some beautiful homes to rent on the site in Canada, ranging from city views to mountain retreats. Airbnb shared Canada’s top five most wish-listed properties with Techvibes and they offer a glimpse into some of the most gorgeous yet affordable dwellings in the country.

#1 – Unique Cob Cottage on Mayne Island, B.C. ($120/night)

This cozy home almost resembles a mushroom from the outside and has one bedroom and one bathroom.

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The spot, located on an island right in between Vancouver and Victoria, boasts a clay-like interior that gives off desert-adobe vibes.


#2 – A-Frame House in Sechelt, B.C. ($120/night)

Located just north of Sechelt in B.C. and right on the water, this A-frame residence nicknamed “Alfie” offers two beds and one bathroom.


It’s hard to deny the vintage wood-panelling and the amazing loft-style bedroom that lets the sun shine over mountaintops and fill the room with light.


#3 – A Taste of the Rockies in Canmore, Alta. ($39/night)

This one bedroom one bathroom townhome subscribes to the mentality that mountains make everything in life better.


Gorgeous locales like Banff National Park, Lake Moraine and Lake Louise are minutes away, so anyone who wishlists this better bring some hiking gear.


#4 – Suite on Tonquin Beach, Tofino, B.C. ($99/night)

Two beds and one bathroom await the adventurous in this home located right on the beach in the surfing capital of Canada.


Nestled right in the woods but also right on the beach, renters can bask in privacy right after hitting the waves.


#5 – Loft Living in Quebec City, Que. ($81/night)

Sometimes hanging out and absorbing the city life is all one needs, and this two bed one bathroom studio offers a great place to relax after exploring Quebec City.


Minutes away from the historical area and right beside some of the best restaurants in the city, this apartment is a city dweller’s dream.


All of the properties are quite inexpensive, reflecting a realistic wish list for Canadian renters. There are no $14,000 a night mansions here—just affordable and accessible vacation spots.

It also seems that Canadians love their west-coast escapes, as three of the top five are in B.C. and one is literally a few kilometres from the B.C. border. It could be the call of nature, considering 80 per cent of Canadians live in urban areas and two in three call a metropolis home. If any of these properties seem eye-catching, book quickly—they are the most wish-listed properties in the country, after all.

Prices reflect figures at time of writing. Numbers could rise or fall depending on booking dates.