Canada Post Launches E-Commerce Program for Small Businesses to Help Them Get Online

Canada Post is teaming up with e-commerce platform providers to make it easier for small businesses to go online and grow their business.

A program will be offered by e-commerce software solution providers to their users, with incentives on shipping services by Canada Post.

“The platforms already offer Canada Post shipping services, including shipping labels, rating, and tracking capabilities. By integrating their Canada Post customer account into e-commerce platforms, merchants will have access to streamlined built-in services such as creating and printing shipping labels, incorporating tracking directly into their online stores as well as accessing the most convenient return process in the country,” explains the company.

To benefit from the incentive offer, howeverm merchants must connect their new or existing online store with their Canada Post account for the first time through an approved participating solution provider such as Magento, Shopify, 3dcart, WooCommerce, Shopsite, Ordercup and ShipStation. A full list of partner solution providers can be found at

Canada Post reaches more than 15.3 million addresses.