Canada Post Launches New Web E-Commerce Suite

Today Canada Post introduced a new e-commerce product line for retailers who want to integrate Canada Post data into their platform, online store or customer application.

With Canada Post Web Services, retailers can offer more choice directly to customers, including alternative pickup options, tracking abilities, shipping rates and return labels.

“This is a three-way win,” says René Desmarais, Senior Vice-President, Parcels at Canada Post. “Consumers benefit from a superior end-to-end shopping experience. Retailers can better satisfy their customers. And services like this encourage Canadians to shop on Canadian sites—which is key to developing a globally competitive digital economy.”

Merchants can integrate a number of features, such as delivery to post office, in which shoppers have the option to pick up their orders at a Canada Post outlet of their choice. With 6,500 outlets across the country, a postal outlet is within 2.5 kilometres of 78% of the Canadian population.

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Other features include a real-time rate lookup, where retailers can provide online shoppers with shipping rates on goods they purchase prior to checkout; real-time tracking updates, where shoppers can get updates and access information on shipping, processing and delivery status; and return labels that shoppers can download and print directly from the site where they made their purchase.

Canada Post Web Services are free. Merchants can customize how Canada Post data is integrated into their e-commerce system, where in the business process it gets applied, and how it is presented to customers. This flexibility enables retailers to cater the service to the specific needs of their customers.