Canada Unveils $25 Million Agricultural Clean Technology Program

Canada is a world leader when it comes to clean technology, and now the government is continuing to fuel innovation with a new investment in the sector.

The Government of Canada has announced a $25 million investment into clean agritech. The investment will be spread over three years and be called the Agricultural Clean Technology Program. It is designed to help the sector reduce greenhouse gases through widespread development and adoption of environmentally-conscious technology.

“This investment will help Canadian farmers stay on the cutting edge of clean technology by targeting developments in bioproducts and precision agriculture,” said Lawrence MacAulay, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food. “Our government has made both agriculture and clean technology a priority for growth in our economy.”

“This new program will contribute to Canada’s place as a world leader in agricultural clean technology, helping farmers to develop new and efficient uses of energy, while also protecting our environmental resources and mitigating climate change.”

Provinces and territories must apply for a piece of the funding in order to access the fund. These governments are being encouraged by Canada to work with leading industry partners to focus directly on precision agriculture and bioproduct innovation. Precision agriculture is a specific farming practice that uses data gathering techniques to aid in farm management, improving overall sustainability and productivity. Bioproducts are renewable resources from agricultural waste and outputs.

A good place to look might be the Global Cleantech 100, an annual list that boasted 13 Canadian companies this year, the most ever. Ecobee, Awesense Wireless, Farmers Edge and Carbon Cure Technologies all made the cut, along with several others.

If that’s not enough, organizations like MaRS are fostering cleantech growth through international partnerships. Any company involved in the recent MaRS-Greentown Labs announcement would be a perfect example to leverage this new fund with a local government.

Right now, there are about 250,000 cleantech jobs in Canada, with the average salary topping $90,000. The sector is growing quickly and creates thousands of high-paying jobs.

Cleantech is on the verge of greatness here in Canada. The coal energy phase-out will open the door for innovation, and funds like this–as well as the Agricultural Greenhouse Gases Program and other programs from Natural Resources Canada and Oceans Canada—will only increase the country’s dedication to leading the cleantech sector.