Canada’s Fastest Growing Companies Detailed in PROFIT 500

As you scroll through the PROFIT 500 list of Canada’s fastest growing companies, you’ll see a few familiar names as well as some surprises.

The clear-cut number one is Toronto-based Gillam Group, a construction company with a massive 29,256 per cent growth over the past five years.

Two software companies round out the top three, with second-place Vancouver-based Buyatab Online posting a five-year growth rate of 18,662 per cent and third-place Toronto natives Maropost reporting a 12,983 per cent five-year growth rate.

Buyatab is a company that helps to enable electronic versions of existing gift cards and brings them online. Maropost is an enterprise platform providing scalability for high-performing teams.

The top three companies were the only ones to see five-digit over the past five years, a stat that shows Canada is great at fostering a couple of things: building new condos and developing innovation in software.

Other software companies rounding out the top 15 include Kitchener’s Sortable coming into twelfth place and Tornoto’s Unata at fifteenth. Sortable has seen 4,995 per cent growth over the last five years as they empower content creators with optimized ad impressions, while Unata reported 3,957 per cent growth over five years powering their suite of one-to-one digital shopping tools.

There are several other software and information technology companies not only in the whole list of 500 but in the top 75. Here is a list of some other notable entries with their per cent growth over the last fives years:

18) Toronto’s AcuityAds, reporting 3,446 per cent.
19) Vancouver’s  Merchant Advance Capital, reporting 3,055 per cent.
22) Toronto’s Top Hat, reporting 2,920 per cent.
24) Toronto’s Format, reporting 2,478 per cent.
25) Waterloo’s Axonify, reporting 2,421 per cent.
35) Toronto’s ThoughtWire, reporting 1,911 per cent
70) London’s Big Viking Games, reporting 1,002 per cent.

The last company on the list of 500 saw 75 per cent growth over the past five years, representing the cut-off for Canada’s fastest growing companies. The growth numbers used for the report came from 2011 to 2016, or fiscal 2012 to 2017.

Canadian Business and PROFIT shortlisted companies then verified the revenue figures themselves with detailed questionnaires and intensively reviewed financial documents. Every company on the list must have been owned by a Canadian and be independent.

If you want to read the complete list and check out growth percentages, estimated total valuations and employee numbers, you can head here.